A Satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. Stake Waves and start earning Satoshis today!

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What Is Waves Staking?

Waves Staking is a new method for generating passive income online! You can build wealth in two ways: (1) Owning Waves tokens that increase in value. (2) Staking Waves tokens that generate new Waves tokens. Your staked Waves tokens never leave your wallet and you can cancel the stake at any time. What is the Waves Blockchain?

What is the Waves Blockchain?

The Waves Blockchain is a peer-to-peer based accounting system used to process online transactions; this setup makes it more resistant to arbitrary government censorship. It has a bank, trading platform, forex exchange, and much more. The system is secured by node owners who have a minimum of 1000 Waves tokens. In exchange for securing the network, these node owners get rewarded with new Waves tokens. Users who don’t have enough Waves tokens to start their own node can stake them to node owners and earn a share of their profits!

What is the value of Waves token?

Waves tokens are the ‘gas’ used to power the Waves blockchain; every user of the network needs a little bit of ‘gas’ in order to utilize any feature on the system. But there is a limited supply of Waves tokens available in the world. The value of each Waves token fluctuates from day to day, but as more and more customers demand access to features on the Waves blockchain, the value of the limited supply of Waves tokens goes up.

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